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Babel Buster

Control Solutions’ Babel Buster BB3-7101 is used to connect Modbus devices to a BACnet IP network. The
BB3-7101 is a BACnet IP client/server device that functions as a Modbus RTU master/slave and/or Modbus
TCP client/server. A large number of BACnet objects gives you flexibility in mapping Modbus registers to
any combination of BACnet objects. Packed Modbus registers may be parsed to multiple BACnet objects
when reading. Multiple BACnet objects may be packed into a single Modbus register when writing. All
standard Modbus register types are supported.

Input objects will poll their assigned Modbus register at the interval you specify, and provide the Modbus
data as the Present Value when read. Commandable Output objects are used to write Modbus registers,
and will update the Modbus device each time BACnet is updated. Value objects will poll their assigned
Modbus register at the interval you specify. The content of the Modbus register will be given as the
Present Value of the BACnet object when read. The Modbus register is written each time the BACnet Value
object is written. The Value object corresponds well with the Modbus Holding register.

ProfileBACnet Application Specific Controller (B-ASC)
BTL ListedOctober 2020






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