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Configurable Terminal Unit Controller with BACnet Communication

The CTU2XXX series are a Configurable Controllers designed to control various
HVAC applications. The CTU2XXX operates and control Digital Inputs, Analog
Inputs, Analog Values, Digital Values, Digital Outputs and Analog Outputs.
The controllers design to control HVAC applications such as Fan-Coil, D/X Air
Conditions, VAV, AHU, Multi-Zone, Chilled and Heated Beams and more. The outputs
of the CTU2XXX are On/Off, proportional 0-10V, 3-Points floating, 4-20mA and Wall
panels or Remote control interface may operate the controller by the end-users.
The device can be configured by the installer without the need of a PC and
software tool, using a set of on-board dip-switches. The controller is designed for
field installation in a panel or enclosure or for mounting by original equipment
manufacturers (OEMs) on DIN-rail or directly on a surface.

ModelsCTU25XX/Y/Z,CTU26XX/Y/Z,CTU27XX/Y/Z,CTU28XX/Y/Z,(XX/Y/Z - represent digits in model variants)
ProfileBACnet Application Specific Controller (B-ASC)
BTL ListedNovember 2010






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