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PET BACnet transmitter is an economical Parkade Emissions Transmitter that
communicates via BACnet protocol MS/TP. Available with one or two
electrochemical or solid state sensors & temperature sensor. Featuring thermal
resetting fuse, tri-color LED indicator for power and alarm, and an optional 4-digit
LED display. Includes new sensor Calibration Extending Firmware that takes into
account the aging of the sensors so that less frequent calibrations are acceptable
in non-critical applications.

Model(s)PET-XXX; PET-XXX-X; PET-XXX-XXX; PET-XXX-XXX-X; XXX could be EAM, SCB, ECL, TCO, ECO, EC4, EFO, EH2, EHS, END, ENO, ETO, OO2, EO3, ESO, SR2. X could be N, W, or S.
Profile(s)BACnet Smart Sensor
BTL ListedOctober 2010






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