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BACnet Advanced Operator Workstation

AIRTEK Corporation's BACsoft is a BACnet supervisor system workstation software. When running on a
personal computer, it unfolds the elasticity and the ultra strong ability to manage and controls the
building electromechanical device. By an Ethernet, peer-to-peer or modem, BACsoft can
intercommunicate to other BACnet -compliant devices.
BACsoft, by using the clicking operating, and the colored graph unfolds the real time information and the
energy management characteristic. BACsoft may custom design the graph according to the scene
environment. For example, floor layout and special HVAC equipment graph. The graph also may pastes
from the CAD software or a similar graphic software. In a group of buildings, we may use the BACnet
Ethernet or the IP network to connect them together. For a group of buildings located in many places,
BACsoft can integrate the system with its BACnet/IP Internet and the WANs function.
BACsoft also perform remote control through a modem or install and operate it online by using a
notebook computer. These nimble and centralism control choices can save the innumerable time and the
resources for the user. The engineers and technicians can control any building from a central monitoring
terminal, meanwhile has some choice of remote control.

ModelsBACsoft - OWS
ProfileBACnet Operator Workstation (B-OWS)
BTL ListedDecember 2013






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