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SAUTER BACnet Server for EY-modulo 2 and EY3600

The SAUTER BACnet Server for the systems SAUTER EY-modulo 2 and EY3600 is
a communication component for SAUTER's programmable controllers (nova, ecos 2,
modu 2 based on 2-wire communication bus system novaNet). The application
masters and the BACnet automation stations integrate automatically novaNet
building controllers to BACnet/IP. The BACnet Server includes all the required
BACnet objects and functionalities as Data Sharing, Alarming, Scheduling and
Trending for common building control applications (e.g. HVAC&R). It includes
BACnet Client functionality for peer-to-peer communication with other BACnet
devices and has integrated BBMD and FD functionality. The implementation is based
on Cimetrics BACstac V4.2 and runs on Microsoft Windows CE.

Model(s)moduNet300 : EY-AM300 : novaNet-BACnet Application Master moduNet300, nova106 : EYK300 : Modular BACnet Automation Station nova106, nova220 : EYK220 : Compact BACnet Automation Station nova220, nova230 : EYK230 : Compact BACnet Universal Automation Station nova230
Profile(s)BACnet Building Controller
BTL ListedNot BTL Listed






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