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EY-modulo 5 Building Controller

The BACnet driver vpiwnbcn.dll for SAUTER novaPro Open turns it into a BACnet advanced operator
workstation. SAUTER novaPro Open has two operation modes with integrated BACnet/IP BBMD and FD
a) BACnet advanced operator workstation, suitable for configuring BACnet servers and accessing any
property of any object, and
b) Standard SCADA operation, providing a graphical, intuitive user interface in order to allow the end user
to easily access and operate the plant. Data sharing, scheduling, alarming and trending services are fully
integrated with the services of the SCADA system.
The client implementation is based on Cimetrics BACstac 6.3.A

Model(s)modu521 : EY-AS521F001
Profile(s)BACnet Building Controller
BTL ListedJanuary 2015






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