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BACnet native Client for SAUTER Vision Center

SAUTER Vision Center (SVC) is a web-based building management solution in the HTML5 standard for
running and visualising the building operation. SAUTER Vision Center is suitable for both larger single
buildings and entire real estate parks or distributed premises.
Typical areas of use are building complexes, business parks, college and industrial campuses, airports,
railway stations, hospitals,
internationally distributed branch networks as well as Life Science and laboratory environments. The
modular concept allows the software to be extended precisely to meet the customer requirements of
every installation. Therefore, SAUTER Vision Center gathers all of the data for the entire building and
energy management and makes it available to the user from anywhere at
all time.
The integrated energy monitoring module makes it possible to integrate meters and all other necessary
data from the building to display energy consumption and other energy relevant data directly. Thus, daily,
weekly, monthly and annual consumption can be automatically calculated and represented in diagrams.
With the usage of the Maintenance Module in SAUTER Vision Center, the tasks in service departments
and FM can be planned and operated in a highly optimized and efficient way. Main topics of this module
are the asset management, definition of maintenance intervals and the automated ticket generation and
management forces i.a. based on BMS information from SAUTER Vision Center. This enables complete
concentration on the monitoring and evaluation of the facilities and buildings, as well as their continuous
and optimized operation to perform an efficient, sustainable building and energy management.
SAUTER Vision Center is able to be used in virtual IT environments and is developed to run with Microsoft
SQL databases. Using this modern infrastructures and architectures, requirements like high availability,
cluster systems for redundancy and load / performance provisioning are available for the complete

Model(s)YZP480 / 481
Profile(s)BACnet Advanced Operator Workstation
BTL ListedDecember 2016






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