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EY-modulo 5 Room Automation Controller

Integrated room automation for more comfort and efficiency. Room automation with the SAUTER
ecos504/505 provides a balanced overall solution. The room controller is an addition to the EY-modulo 5
BACnet/IP system family, enabling both seamless integration into the building management system and the
automation of the primary installations. SAUTER therefore combines energy consumption and generation
thereby allowing demand controlled regulation of the supply media. Flexibility thanks to modularity. The
modularity of the ecos504/505 room controller provides maximum flexibility. Therefore, the room
automation solution can be tailored to the specific requirements of the building - from the control of a
heated/chilled ceiling to the complete integration of room climate, lighting and sunshade functions. The
goal is always to achieve maximum comfort for the room users with the minimum use of energy Open and
across all equipment systems. The SAUTER ecos504/505 connects everything in the room that needs to
be connected: lighting via DALI, operation and display via KNX, sunshade either conventionally or via SMI,
temperature control and ventilation. Using the best from every area to create an integrated, optimum
overall solution for the room users, building operator and investor. This is what we mean by an open
system for integrated room automation.

Profile(s)BACnet Building Controller
BTL ListedNovember 2016






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