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Greystone Energy Systems Inc.

CO2 Detector

The Greystone CDD3A series CO2/RH/T Detector is a smart room sensor
with native BACnet MS/TP protocol for network communication. It
measures ambient carbon dioxide levels, relative humidity (RH) and
temperature (T) and reports these values back to a building automation
system (BAS). The device may also be configured with a slide pot, an
override switch and an alarm relay all available as standard object
types. The CDD3A provides a complete network solution to building
control for occupied spaces.

Model(s)CDD3A10VWXYZ CDD3A20VWXYZ where V = 0, 1 W = b, RH, T X = b, P Y = b, S Z = b, R (b = or blank)
Profile(s)BACnet Application Specific Controller
BTL ListedMay 2010






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