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Ebtron's HTN104 industrial grade integrated airflow/temperature transmitter
features an RS-485 network interface with selectable BACnet® MS/TP Master,
Modbus RTU or JCI N2-Bus® protocols for communication with virtually all modern
building automation systems (BAS). The HTN104 transmitter includes advanced
integrated programmable electronic filters, scalable measurement ranges and a
simple field calibration wizard feature. Useful in OA measurement for compliance
with ASHRAE® 62.1, 189.1 and International Mechanical Code Chapter 4, and
applicable towards attainment of LEED® Energy and Atmosphere and Indoor
Environmental Quality Credits and true demand controlled ventilation compliance
with the Ventilation Rate Procedure (VRP) of ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2007. Average
airflow and temperature as well as individual sensor data from each sensing node
are all network accessible. HTN104 features advanced microprocessor-
based electronics and industrial grade integrated circuits, ensuring exceptional
accuracy and reliability.

ProfileBACnet Application Specific Controller (B-ASC)
BTL ListedMarch 2011






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