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Gold Series GTC108

EBTRON?s GTC108 industrial grade integrated airflow/temperature transmitter features complementary
dual analog and RS-485 interface with field selectable BACnet MS/TP Master or Modbus RTU protocols
for communication with virtually all modern building automation systems (BAS). The GTC108 transmitter
accepts up to 8 discrete fan inlet sensor inputs and provides scalable integrated measurement filters,
automated Setup Wizard, Field Adjustment Wizard and programmable alarm features. Useful in Plenum
Fan Arrays and Single and Dual Inlet fan designs with flexible alarm features for airflow, fan function or
temperature. Average airflow and temperature as well as individual sensor data from each sensing node is
network accessible. The GTC108 features advanced microprocessor based electronics and industrial
grade integrated circuits, ensuring exceptional accuracy and reliability.

Profile(s)BACnet Application Specific Controller
BTL ListedSeptember 2010






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