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DDC4020e / DDC4040e automation station
Controller with BACnet communication
- Stand-alone station for closed-loop and open-loop control, optimizing and monitoring functions
o Customizable plain text for every parameter
o closed-loop control plants for heating and ventilation, can be expanded with software objects
o PLC functions, free and as fixed macros (hardware objects)
o Software objects for increasing energy efficiency and energy optimization
o Via TCP/IP, Ethernet cable (min. Cat5, 10/100 Mbit) to enable use of the existing infrastructure
o Built-in remote control via PC with browser without additional software or mobile end devices
o Native BACnet in accordance with DIN EN ISO 16484-5, BACnet IP and BACnet MS/TP
o Up to 99 DDC4000 automation stations with bidirectional data exchange
o 2 buses (CAN-based), configurable for switch cabinet bus or fieldbus for connecting fieldbus
modules or switch cabinet bus
-Error message memory, event logging with date and time, incoming and outgoing messages are saved
-Forwards messages to GSM-SMS and e-mail.
-Trend value memory.
-Configuration using modern, effective object structure, considerably reducing project planning time.
-Embedded Linux operating system for proven, stable use
-Constant system monitoring of the bus communication and all connected DDC components, bidirectional
data exchange possible.

Technical Data

-Nominal voltage
o 24V AC +/- 10 %; 50..60 Hz; 20 VA; 0,83 A or
o DC 24 V +/- 10%; 13 W; 0.54 A or
o 12V DC +/-10 %; 13 W; 1,08 A

Fuses Time-delay power fuse, 0.63 A

- Bus connection / interfaces
o 2 Ethernet RJ45 internally as a switch
Enables operation of up to 99 DDC4000 automation stations, users can establish worldwide
network via active network
components, BMS and BACnet client connection, 10/100 Mb/s, TCP/IP
- 2 CAN buses, configurable as fieldbus or switch cabinet bus
-USB socket
For USB stick only: Update, backup/restoration
- 2 serial RS232
o 1 for LON FTT-10 (only DDC4040e) (terminals "11", "12", "13")
o 1 for modem (terminals "21", "22", "23")
-2 RS485
o 1 for BACnet MS/TP (terminals "32", "33", "34")
32 devices, 1000 m, up to 115 kBd, routing in accordance with BACnet/IP

Profile(s)BACnet Building Controller
BTL ListedMarch 2017






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