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Trend Open Network Node

Includes 64 MB RAM/64 MB Flash, 2 10/100 Mb Ethernet ports, (1) RS-485 serial port, (1) RS-232 serial
port and 2 communication card option slots. Standard features include Niagara station and Web User
Interface. TONN is supplied with the following drivers as standard: Trend/Serial, Trend/IP, BACnet IP,
BACnet MSTP, EIB/KNX IP, LONFTT, LONIP, ModbusRTU, MasterModbusRTU Slave, ModbusTCP Master,
ModbusTCP Slave, MBus Serial, MBus IP, oBIX, and SNMP and Niagara Network (Fox) Client / Server. The
JACE 2 is designed for DIN rail mounting.

When NiagaraAX Release 3.2.20 or higher is used, this JACE is BACnet BTL compliant (B-BC profile).
Supports BACnet routing and can communicate with third party BACnet/IP, BACnet Ethernet, or BACnet
MSTP devices. All functions specified in the B-BC (BACnet Building Controller) profile are supported.
Devices, points, schedules, alarms, and logs can be learned and managed by NiagaraAX. In addition,
Niagara points, schedules, histories, and alarming can be exposed to BACnet for monitoring and control
by foreign BACnet clients.

Model(s)TONN/2xx/15VDC (All Variants), TONN/6xx/15VDC (All Variants
Profile(s)BACnet Building Controller
BTL ListedApril 2008






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