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The IQ4 series of intelligent controllers are designed to cover a range of applications from main plant to
unitary control in order to optimise both comfort and running costs. The IQ4 range is fully compatible with
older Trend IQ controller ranges.
The IQ4 series uses Ethernet and TCP/IP networking technologies with embedded XML, BACnet over IP
communications. Trend current loop Lan, is available as an option.
The IQ4 series comprises: IQ4E, IQ422 and IQ41x
IQ4E controllers have 10 software configurable inputs and six 0 to 10 V outputs. The number of inputs and
outputs can be increased by adding I/O modules up to 192 points.
IQ422 controllers have 10 software configurable inputs and six 0 to 10 V outputs.
The IQ41x controllers have 5 inputs and 6 outputs. The IQ411 has 6 solid state digital outputs, and the
IQ412 has 4 solid state digital outputs and two 0 to 10 V outputs.
The IQ422 and IQ4E is available with on-board BASIC programming language allowing easy interfacing
with 3rd party non-BACnet systems.
??230 Vac or 24 Vac input power supply options
??Ethernet 10/100 Mbps main network with TCP/IP protocol
??Embedded XML Web Services as standard
??BACnet over IP ( optional in IQ41x )
??Trend current loop Lan option
??Small footprint with DIN rail mounting
??RS232 and USB local supervisor/engineering ports
??DIN43880 standard enclosure
Model IQ4E/?/?/BAC/?, IQ422/?/BAC/?, IQ411/?/BAC/?, IQ412/?/BAC/?
? Indicates options as described above.

VersionIQ412 lss3.43 Alpha May 6 2016
Profile(s)BACnet Application Specific Controller
BTL ListedDecember 2016






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