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WebCTRL® for OEM

WebCTRL® for OEMs is an advanced web-server application that offers an intuitive user interface and
powerful control features. Your equipment can be accessed from anywhere in the world using Internet
Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari, eliminating the need for special software on the workstation.You can
access your OEM equipment and manage functions including:
? setting and changing schedules
? adjusting setpoints and other control properties
? graphically trending important building conditions
? viewing and acknowledging alarms
? running preconfigured and custom reports on energy usage, occupant overrides, and much more.
Key Features and Benefits
? Intuitive, comprehensive building operation with dynamic, interactive graphical access
? Completely designed around open standards
? Uses the language of the web (HTTP) to communicate over the Internet or intranet without special
software or plug-ins
? Advanced alarm management capabilities including email, pagers, network printers, etc
? Uses sophisticated alarm escalation system protection with multilevel passwords and Secure Sockets
Layer with 128-bit encryption for security
? Product options include monitoring and controlling your equipment with quantities of :
? 1 Device - Great for large mechanical equipment in conjunction with a touchscreen industrial PC
? Multiple Devices (up to 10) - Provide monitoring of a small network of controllers
? Or Unlimited Devices - Need to provide a monitoring solution for a large network of your devices?
This option is just what you need.

Model(s)WC-OEM, WC-OEM1, WC-OEM10
Profile(s)BACnet Advanced Operator Workstation
BTL ListedJuly 2013






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