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OEMCtrl OEMPrtl Pro

The OEMPrtl Pro sets a new standard for multiple equipment protocol conversion. An extremely powerful,
highspeed device router & gateway, the OEMPrtl Pro can connect hundreds of control modules to a
BACnet/IP backbone. Support for BACnet/IP, BACnet-over-Ethernet, ARC156, MS/TP, BACnet PTP,
Modbus, N2, and LonWorks* communications are standard. A wide range of open and proprietary protocol
translator drivers allow the OEMPrtl Pro to also serve as a gateway to other manufacturers? equipment.
Fully programmable, the OEMPrtl Pro can also execute complex control strategies for high-level system
integration and is easily configured using the industry?s leading graphical programming tool, EIKON Logic
Builder. It can convert between multiple open protocols like; Modbus to BACnet, or from a proprietary
protocol to an open protocol to allow for integration with virtually any Building Management System. The
OEMPrtl Pro also offers the ability to plug in an optional backlit LCD display/keypad to allow for viewing
any of the points in your system.

Profile(s)BACnet Advanced Application Controller
BTL ListedJanuary 2015






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