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nLight ECLYPSE Senes

The nLight ECLYPSE provides time-based control of an nLight and/or XPoint Wireless network as well as
acting as the IP interface for SensorView software.

Consisting of a server module, power supply module, nLight network interface module, the nLight
ECLYPSE expands the capacity and functionality of the Series 2 nLight Gateway with a native BACnet
interface (optional) that is BACnet Technology Laboratories (BTL) listed as a BACnet Building Controller

Model(s)701-00092-001, 701-00094-001, 701-00096-001, 701-00098-001
VersionA: 1.4x.x, F: 1.14.15306.1
Profile(s)BACnet Building Controller
BTL ListedNovember 2015






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