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BACnet Application Specific Controller (B-ASC)

ProductModelVersionPICSBTL ListingCertificate
VZ7200 Zoning System Zone ThermostatVZ7200F1.02.11
VZ7260 Gen2 Zoning System Zone ThermostatVZ7260F, VZ7260C1.50.01
VZ7656 Zoning System Rooftop ThermostatVZ7656B1.02.11
VZ7656X Gen2 Zoning System Rooftop ThermostatVZ7656R, VZ7656H, VZ7656F, VZ7656E1.50.01
VH7200 SeriesVH7200A, VH7200F, VH7270K, VH7270D4.0.05 (tested v1.2.05)
VT7200 series - Floating, On/Off or Analog (0-10Vdc) Thermostat for Zoning applicationVT7200C, VT7200F2.5.07 (tested v1.2.05)
VT7300 series - On/Off, Floating or Analog (0-10Vdc) Thermostat with or without RH sensor and Dehumidification feature for 2 & 4 Pipes Fan-Coil unit for Hotels/Lodging or Commercial applicationsVT7300A, VT7300C, VT7350C, VT7305A, VT7305C, VT7355C, VT7300F, VT7350F, VT7305F, VT7355F, VT7301F, VT7300M2.5.07 (tested v1.2.05)
VT7600 series - Programmable or non-programmable multi-state thermostat for Roof Top or Heat Pump unit applicationsVT7652A, VT7652B, VT7652H, VT7656B, VT7600A, VT7600B, VT7600H, VT7605B, VT7607B, VT7657B, VT7652W, VT7652F, VT7656E, VT7600W, VT7600F, VT7606E3.5.07 (tested v2.1.03)
VTR7300 seriesVTR7300A, VTR7305A, VTR7350A, VTR7355A2.5.07 (tested v1.2.05)






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