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FieldServer SlotServer ControlLogix Communications Module Gateway

The SlotServer from FieldServer is a plug in communications module for the Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC, enabling the leading building automation protocol, BACnet, to interface with the leading industrial automation PLC, the ControlLogix from Allen Bradley. Industrial plants are buildings too and it is often necessary for industrial process control systems to have access to building automation systems for quality control, energy management, and system control. The SlotServer provides this vital interconnection between the building world and the process world. The extensive FieldServer library of drivers provides easy interoperability between a variety of devices used in building automation, HVAC, fire and process control industries. The SlotServer can include BACnet IP, BACnet Ethernet, BACnet MS/TP, or BACnet PTP protocols.

Versions4.10 and above
ProfileBACnet Application Specific Controller (B-ASC)
BTL ListedNot BTL Listed






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