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FieldServer 10-port Serial-Ethernet Gateway

The FS-B4010 10-port Serial-Ethernet Gateway is the ideal gateway to integrate several different serial devices to a modern BACnet network. And, if needed, each of the 10 serial ports can use different protocols enabling the integrator to solve several interoperability challenges with a single easy to configure gateway. The extensive FieldServer library of drivers provides easy interoperability between a variety of devices used in building automation, HVAC, fire and process control industries. The FS-B4010 includes two Ethernet ports, 8 RS-232 Serial ports and two RS-485 Serial ports to enable interoperability between Serial and Ethernet based protocols. In addition an ISA card slot allows the addition of special Fieldbus protocols including Profibus, DeviceNet, ControlNet and more. This gateway can include BACnet IP, BACnet Ethernet, BACnet MS/TP, or BACnet PTP protocols. There is no need to compromise when FieldServer lets the user tie it all together to prepare their infrastructure for the future.

Version4.10 and above
Profile(s)BACnet Application Specific Controller
BTL ListedNot BTL Listed






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