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TDFi-RT Thermal Dispersion Fan Inlet Airflow Measuring System

The model TDFi-RT is a unique electronic fan inlet airflow measurement device that uses Thermal
Dispersion technology to report airflow and temperature. The TDFi-RT Host reads from one or two
sensors and up to 16 additional Client boxes to collect a maximum of 32 velocity and temperature readings
from one or more fans.
Each fan shall have one or two sensors positioned in the fan’s inlet. The sensor’s design ensures the
lowest pressure drop in the industry when compared to other after-market fan inlet airflow measurement
Each sensor has a heated and a passive thermistor. Up to 16 Clients with two sensors per Client can be
connected to a single Host. The airflow and temperature information from each sensor is configured to
correspond to the fan onto which it is mounted. This feature makes it possible to use only one Host as the
interface point for processing airflow measurements from multiple fans on one or more AHUs or RTUs.
The Host will average up to 32 sensors on 16 fans when installed and configured as one airflow
measurement station. The TDFi-RT Host has a two-line, 16 character display for setup and configuration
and will show both airflow and temperature.

ProfileBACnet Application Specific Controller (B-ASC)
BTL ListedAugust 2020






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