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Carrier i-Vu Open Router

The i-Vu Open Router provides BACnet routing capabilities between the i-Vu Open Control System
backbone (BACnet/IP), and a subnetwork of Open controllers (MS/TP). It connects directly to the Ethernet
LAN and provides access to an MS/TP network of Open controllers directly from an i-Vu Open web server
that resides on the Ethernet. It also increases the capacity of the i-Vu Open Control System, allowing
individual MS/TP networks (with up to 60 Open controllers each), to be connected together via the i-Vu
Open Control System backbone. Because the i-Vu Open Router allows for the use of existing LAN wiring, it
is an ideal solution for integrating BACnet into any building or facility.

ProfileBACnet Advanced Application Controller (B-AAC)
BTL ListedJanuary 2015






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