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BACnet Small Display

The NB-SD (Native BACnet), and BBC-SD (BACnet version available for general distribution) are color, touch-screen displays that allow you to interface with up to 150 unique points on an MS/TP network. Each screen can have customized text as well as allow viewing and manipulation of data. In addition, the displays have multiuser password protection, allowing for different levels of access to the system. Areas that where these displays are most commonly found are outside of operating rooms, where temperature and humidity regulation is important, on walls in reception areas where multiple point changes might need to be made (i.e. reception changing the temperature in a conference room or office), and in laboratories where room pressurization monitoring is a must.

Model(s)NB-SD, BBC-SD
Profile(s)BACnet Operator Display
DocNot available
BTL ListedNot BTL Listed






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