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The BACnet protocol opens up a wealth of data to users. An easy
and unfiltered access is important for analyzing problems in detail.
To keep track of large infrastructure, a system is needed that
aggregates information and recognizes what is currently important.
Both are united by FIS#. The management interface provides
information and focuses attention on the essentials. If necessary,
the user can switch the view to "BACnet pure". He will be guided to
the correct stations and objects. This also works in reverse. As users
move farther in BACnet, the management point of view is always
just a click away.
Based on the international BACnet standard according to DIN EN ISO
16484-5, FIS# can be used to create demand and user-orientated
building management solutions, which are qualitatively and
quantitatively prepared for future developments at
high-performance real estates and for building automation. In order
to operate larger facilities efficiently, technical building
management is indispensable. This includes overcoming existing
boundaries between the different trades through the creation of
efficient connections among each other. Our aim is to make every
information available at any point, whether from the commercial
systems or even from the trades themselves. The Hermos Group
considers buildings and properties as a whole. We provide solutions
for the entire lifecycle of your facilities. In addition to the usual
automation devices, this also includes the integration of video
surveillance, conveyor systems, access control systems and hazard
warning systems (fire alarm system, burglar alarm system).
In addition to BACnet, FIS# also integrates other communication
protocols from the building as well as from the industrial
environment. Like this FIS# is suitable in the field of building
automation and it is also suitable for industrial use. Special modules
such as recipe handling, order management or track & trace are also
part of FIS#.Thus, FIS# can also unite the entirety of its plant world
on one platform no matter whether it comes from the building
equipment or from production environment.

Profile(s)BACnet Advanced Operator Workstation
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