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LOYTEC electronics GmbH

L-INX Automation Server, L-GATE Universal Gateway, L-ROC Room Controller, L-IP Router, L-DALI Lighting Control, BACnet module for L-IOB-5xx, LROC-4xx and LIOB-AIRx

The LOYTEC Building Controllers implement a freely programmable BACnet controller, a BACnet gateway,
and a BACnet router. There are several product models available providing different levels of functionality.
The controller is freely programmable via IEC 61131 or 61499 and can be extended by I/O modules. The
devices also implement a built-in BACnet gateway function. All data points (of various protocol
technologies, physical I/Os and program logic variables) are exposed as BACnet objects. For visualization
these products implement an embedded BACnet OPC server (XML-DA and UA). The device also
implements BACnet Schedule, Calendar, Trend Log, and Notification Class objects, as well as BACnet
client functions. The device is equipped with a BACnet/IP and MS/TP interfaces.

Model(s)LINX-150, LINX-151, LINX-153, LINX-154, LINX-200, LINX-201, LINX-210, LINX-211, LINX-220, LINX-221, LINX2,

LGATE-900, LGATE-902, LGATE-950, LGATE-951, LGATE-952

LROC-100, LROC-101, LROC-102,

LIP-ME201, LIP-ME201C, LIP-ME202C, LIP-ME204, LIP-ME204C,


BACnet module
Profile(s)BACnet Building Controller
DocNot available
BTL ListedApril 2016






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