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Phoenix Controls

PTC Series Thermostat

The Phoenix Controls PTC Series Thermostats are designed for room applications where constant volume
valves are used and there is a need for local hydronic reheat control. The product features a backlit LCD
display with dedicated function menu keys for simple operation and Passive Infrared (PIR)

Cover for occupancy detection. Accurate temperature control is achieved with a Proportional Integral (PI)
control algorithm, with three point floating and analog 0 to 10 Vdc control which virtually eliminates
temperature drift. The PTC can connect to a MS/TP network and exchange temperature control data with
BACnet capable BMS systems.

Model(s)PTC101 Communicating Thermostat
Version2.5.06 (tested v1.2.05)
Profile(s)BACnet Application Specific Controller
BTL ListedNovember 2006






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