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Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator™

Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) R600 is the smart-building “operating system” of choice for critical
facilities and complex operations, from airports and nuclear-power stations to enterprises that cross
continents, and some of the world’s most iconic buildings. With one intelligent solution, you can more
effectively monitor, optimize, and automate your essential systems, such as building and energy
management, security, access, and life safety.

EBI is also an open IoT platform for integrating virtually any third-party systems and equipment, cloud
connectivity, mobile applications, and more. It’s all unified into one powerful interface based on an
innovative zoomable map of your site, which promotes faster, more intuitive comprehension and
interaction. Plus, with native support for DVM and CCS, you can drive smarter outcomes throughout your

ProfileBACnet Advanced Operator Workstation (B-AWS)
BTL ListedFebruary 2020






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