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Spyder BACnet

The Spyder BACnet controller is a freely programmable controller designed for but not limited to HVAC
applications. The Spyder BACnet controller may be used in stand alone or networked applications where a
BACnet network is required.

ModelsPUB6438S, PVB6438NS, PVB6436AS, CP-UB6438S, CP-VB6438NS, CP-VB6436AS, PUB6438S-ILC, PUB6438SR, PUB6438SR-ILC, PVB6436AS-ILC, PVB6438NS-ILC, CLLYUB6438S, CLLYUB6438SR, CLLYVB6436AS, CLLYVB6438NS, CLB1453S, CLB1433S, CLB1311S, CLB6438S
Versions1.00 (build 7)
ProfileBACnet Application Specific Controller (B-ASC)
BTL ListedApril 2009






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