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BCU /BLC series programmable logic controller

The Hysine BCU/BLC controllers are high performance
programmable logic controllers designed for control of HVAC and
industrial equipment. The various BCU/BLC models feature different
mixes of analog and binary inputs and outputs. These controllers
operate either as a stand-alone controller or as part of a site-wide
system on a BACnet MS/TP LAN. All communication is via BACnet
standard protocols.

Model(s)BCU-941,BCU-630, BCU-940, BCU-860, BCU-843, BCU-1644, BCU-1600, BCU-16160, BCU-1666, BLC-1040, BLC-1043, BLC-1650, BLC-1656, BLC-621, BLC-310, BLC-M2, BLC-M2E, BVC-442, BVC-442-P, BCX-H416, BCX-H616, BCX-H816, BCX-1016, BCX-1216, BCX-H816M2, BCX-E466, BCX-E1043, MGP-1102B, MGP-1103B, MGP-1104B, MGP-1105B, MGP-1106B
VersionM128 V4.00A
Profile(s)BACnet Application Specific Controller
BTL ListedFebruary 2017






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