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WhisperShade BACnet Interface

WhisperShade BACnet Interface MechoSystems' WhisperShade BACnet Interface provides BACnetServer
functionality to facilitate BMS communication with theshading system using the standard BACnet/IP
protocol. This permitsthe BMS to either communicate direct to the shade control network(MechoNet or
other) or to centralize control and automationthrough the SolarTracĀ® automated window management
systemproviding intelligent buildings with the industry's most advancedautomation and control
capabilities for motorized window coveringsand electrochromics.The WhisperShade BACnet Interface is
BTL certified to supportBACnet Protocol version 1, revision 12. Supported BACnet StandardServices
include Who-Has, Who-Is, ConfirmedCOV, and UnconfirmedCOV.

Profile(s)BACnet Smart Actuator
DocNot available
BTL ListedNovember 2016






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