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Accuenergy (Canada) Inc.

Acuvim II Series Multifunction Power and Energy Meter

Acuvim II series multifunction power and energy meter provides 0.2 class revenue grade accuracy, monitors
over 400 electrical parameters including voltage, current, power, energy and 63rd individual harmonics on all
channels of single phase and three phase.
Flexible I/O modules include Digital input/output, Analog Input/Output and Relay Output can be added in field
to expand the ease and versatility of integration with building automation systems.

Model(s)Acuvim II, Acuvim IIR, Acuvim IIE, Acuvim IIW, Acuvim IIBN, AXM-BIP
Profile(s)BACnet Smart Actuator
DocNot available
BTL ListedNovember 2016






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