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Schneider Electric Relay Panel LPB BACnet

- The SERPBC600 is a controller that allows:
o Monitoring of 2 inputs (for switches, movement detectors?)
o Monitoring and the control of 16 outputs for 2 wires lighting relays.

- The capacity of the SERPBC600 can be increased up to 66 inputs and 64 outputs by connecting extra
cards to its RS485 modbus port:
o SERPBI621 card allows 16 additional inputs;
o SERPBO631 card allows 16 additional outputs.

- The SERPBC600 can be monitored and controlled by a BACnet console through BACnet/IP
communication (UDP port).

- The SERPBC600 can be configured through IP communication (IP port) from a specific ?Configuration
Console? provided with the SERPBC600.

ProfileBACnet Application Specific Controller (B-ASC)
BTL ListedJanuary 2013






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