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SoHVAC M168 Controller with BACnet MS/TP communication module TM168BACS

The Modicon M168 generic programmable logic controllers can manage discrete and analog inputs and
outputs. The controllers can be programmed with SoHVAC software and are suitable for customized
applications designed to control the following:
- Water chiller
- Heat pumps
- Compact air/air roof-top unit
- Air handling system, twin-flow enclosure
- Precision air conditioners
- Refrigerated display windows
- Compressor racks
Four different Modicon M168 logic controllers TM168?23?? are available, which offer connection to
Building management system communication networks BACnet MS/TP via pluggable module TM168BACS
The BACnet communication pluggable modules are designed to meet the requirements of a BACnet B-ASC
(BACnet Application Specific Controller) profile, supporting Alarms&Events, Data Sharing, and Device

ModelsTM168BACS in TM168B23S, TM168BACS in TM168B23CS, TM168BACS in TM168D23, TM168BACS in TM1268D23CS
ProfileBACnet Application Specific Controller (B-ASC)
BTL ListedOctober 2011






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