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A variable speed AC drive for 1 to 100 HP, three-phase asynchronous motors

Discover an economical solution for centrifugal pumps and fans and achieve up to 50% savings on your
energy bills with the Altivar 212 drive

Make the most of your energy.

Model(s)ATV212abbbccc where a: H, W bbb: 075, U15, U22, U30, U40, U55, U75, D11, D15, D18, D22, D30, D37, D45, D55, D75 ccc: M3X, N4, N4C, N4S
VersionFirmware Revision: v5.2 Application Software Version: v184
Profile(s)BACnet Application Specific Controller
BTL ListedJune 2011






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