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SmartX IP Controllers

MP / RP Series are fully programmable IP based field controllers. There are two model categories within the
MP series, MP-C and MP-V, and one single category within the RP series, RP-C. Both the MP-C and RP-C
models offer a flexible mix of I/O point types to suit a wide range of HVAC and room control applications. The
MP-V model category is available in two models that are equipped with integrated damper actuator and
airflow sensor. All MP / RP Series controllers support a dedicated sensor port to power and communicate with
up to 4 SmartX Living Space sensors

ModelsMP-C-15A, MP-C-18A,
MP-C-18B, MP-C-24A,
MP-C-36A, MP-V-7A,
MP-V-9A, RP-C-12A,
RP-C-12B, RP-C-12C,
ProfileBACnet Advanced Application Controller (B-AAC)
BTL ListedApril 2019






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