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I/A Series® MicroNet™ Unitary Controller

The TAC I/A Series MicroNet BACnet Application Specific Controllers are three to 15 point HVAC
controllers. The MNB-70 is designed for use with unit heat, cabinet heat, fan coil, small unit vent, heat
pumps, and single or dual loop control strategies. The MNB-300 is a modular controller for use with air
handler, unit vent, heat pump, and fan coil applications. The MNB-V1 and MNB-V2 are over-the-shaft
mount VAV controllers incorporating an integral actuator, pressure transducer, controller, S-Link sensor
support, and physical inputs and outputs.

MNB-300 6 universal inputs, 3 universal outputs, 6 triac outputs, S-Link sensor support

Profile(s)BACnet Application Specific Controller
BTL ListedMay 2013






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