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SmartX Controller Automation Server

Every SmartX Controller model is a native BACnet/IP protocol operator workstation and controller with a
built-in web server. The AS-P model has expandable Input/Output through the use of expansion modules,
while the AS-B and AS-B-L models have onboard Input/Ouputs. The AS-P model has 2 serial ports and the
AS-B model has 1 serial port, any of which may be used to communicate with MS/TP controller devices.
These SmartX Controllers also can serve as a BACnet protocol router and BACnet/IP Broadcast
Management Device (BBMD). The AS-P and AS-B models perform BACnet routing functions among
attached MS/TP networks. SmartX Controllers also natively support other protocols, such as LonWorks,
Modbus, and Web Services, and can be used as gateway devices to exchange values between protocols

Model(s)AS-P, AS-B
Profile(s)BACnet Building Controller
BTL ListedSeptember 2016






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