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FlexStat BACnet Programmable Thermostats, BAC-10000 Series

The KMC FlexStat is an award-winning native BACnet controller and sensor(s) in a single package that
creates a flexible solution for stand-alone or BACnet-network challenges in commercial buildings. Built-in
sensor options include temperature, humidity, motion, and CO2, and up to six external sensors can be
connected to the inputs (dependent on model). Up to nine outputs (analog and relay) are also available.
AHUs, FCUs, HPUs, and RTUs can be controlled via the FlexStat?s on-board library of customizable
application programs. Enhanced IEQ and energy-saving features and options include efficient HVAC
control of temperature, humidity, and ventilation via schedules, motion sensors, and CO2 sensors with
DCV sequences.

Model(s)BAC-1xx30C BAC-1xx36C BAC-1xx63C
Profile(s)BACnet Advanced Application Controller
BTL ListedAugust 2012






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