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Network Sensor

The NS Series Temperature and Humidity Network Zone or Discharge Air Sensor
is a component of the Metasys® system extended architecture. In terms of the
BACnet protocol, the network zone or discharge air sensor is an end device.

ModelsNS-ATx700x-x (except NS-ATV700x-x), NS-BTx700x-x (except NS-BTV700x-x), NS-AHx7x0x-x, NS-BHx7x0x-x, NS-APx7x0x-x, NS-BPx7x0x-x, NS-MHx700x-x, NS-MNx700x-x, NS-MTx700x-x, NS-DTN70x3-0, NS-FTN7003-2
VersionsRev 6.0 (Tested Rev 2.2)
ProfileBACnet Smart Sensor (B-SS)
BTL ListedSeptember 2006






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