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The TCX2 communicating BACnet® controllers are universal control devices suitable for a large number of
applications. They may be used in zoning and other applications which are monitored by a BACnet® MS/TP
network. They are programmed through parameters either on the unit or via a free download tool called
The CS1-BAC-001 is a BTL listed BACnet® implementation running on the AEX-BAC. The AEX-BAC is the
BACnet® communication plug-in for the TCX2- family of controllers.

Model(s)AEX-BAC, TCX2-40863-OP-BAC, TCX2-40863-BAC, TCX2-13343-BAC, TCX2-14050-BAC, TCX2-14273-BAC, TCX2-14273-230-BAC
Profile(s)BACnet Application Specific Controller
BTL ListedMay 2014






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