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CentraLine by Honeywell

CentraLine EAGLE

EAGLE is CentraLine's Ethernet-based, freely-programmable Building Automation controller offering a
combination of BACnet IP, BACnet MS/TP, and LONWORKS® communication. It demonstrates CentraLine's
commitment to reducing total installed cost and total building lifecycle cost for building investors and
building operators. EAGLE incorporates the two major open standards in today's building industry:
BACnet® and LONWORKS®.

ModelsCLEA2014B21, CLEA2014B22, CLEA2014B02, CLEA2014B01, CLEA2014B31, CLEA2014B32, CLEA2026B31, CLEA2026B01, CLEA2026B21, CLEA2000B31, CLEA2000B21, CLEA2000B01
ProfileBACnet Building Controller (B-BC)
BTL ListedFebruary 2014






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