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CentraLine by Honeywell

CentraLine Eagle Building Controller

EAGLE is CentraLine's Ethernet-based, freely-programmable Building Automation controller offering a
combination of BACnet IP, BACnet MS/TP, and LONWORKS® communication. It demonstrates CentraLine's full
commitment to reducing total installed cost and total building lifecycle cost for building investors and
building operators. EAGLE incorporates the two major open standards in today?s building industry: BACnet®

Model(s)CLEA2014B21, CLEA2014B22, CLEA2014B02, CLEA2014B01, CLEA2014B31, CLEA2014B32, CLEA2026B31, CLEA2026B01, CLEA2026B21, CLEA2000B31, CLEA2000B21, CLEA2000B01
Version3.01.02.05 or higher with BACnet Version 12-00-04
Profile(s)BACnet Building Controller
BTL ListedFebruary 2014






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