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Lighting Control Unit series

LCU-2200 is a fully independent type lighting control unit of which
all data can be independently set and operated, and a more diverse
system can be constructed being connected with SiBAS HMI or a
master control unit (MCU-5000/3000/2000).
It is made possible to manage lighting subdividing it by load using a
15 A latch relay, and the system is designed using powerful circuits
to prevent unnecessary operations and malfunctions. As it has an
all-in-one structure which does not require any sub-panel or
additional accessory, it is simple to handle, it can be extended up to
maximum 32 (based on 4 ports) switch modules (TPSM/PSM), and
control can be carried out ceaselessly using its own stand-along
function even when the communication with the host is cut.

ModelsLCU-2200B, LCU-2200, LCU-3000B, LCU-3000
ProfileBACnet Advanced Application Controller (B-AAC)
BTL ListedMay 2017






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