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PowerScout 48HD

The PowerScout series networked power meters are designed to provide timely and accurate consumption
data to gain the upper hand on electrical costs in today’s escalating energy market. PowerScout meters
can capture kWh/kW energy and demand data as well as virtually all relevant energy parameters for
diagnostics and monitoring on three-phase or single-phase circuit installations.

The modular design of the PowerScout 48 HD allows it to be configured for monitoring multiple electrical
circuits or for current-only monitoring of branch circuits. It can be supplied with any of DENT's split-core,
solid-core, or RoCoil (Rogowski) CTs. Monitor any combination of up to 16 three-phase or 48 single-phase
electrical devices across two separate voltages with revenue-grade accuracy (ANSI C12.20-2010 Class

Every PowerScout is line powered and designed to operate on a broad range of voltages, from 90-
600VAC, and features two separate voltage inputs. Modbus or BACnet protocols are field-selectable and
any combination of split-core or flexible RōCoil CTs can be used. Additionally, PowerScout 48 HD meters
have passed rigorous BTL (BACnet Testing Laboratory) testing to ensure interoperability across a wide
range of systems and devices.

ProfileBACnet Smart Sensor (B-SS)
BTL ListedOctober 2017






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