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Kameleon Lighting Control BACnet Controller

SERPBC600 BACnet Ethernet IP Lighting Controller with Native BACnet IP Communication

SERPBC has been designed to strictly comply with the ASHRAE BACnet Standard.
BACnet Relay Panel seamlessly integrates with any existing Building Management System using a BACnet
Integrates into a single, open protocol Solution allowing the customer to manage everything from one
A simple to install and commission panel.
Switch overrides and photocells are easily added for complete control.

Product Features:

BACnet Ethernet IP
Communicates with input and output control cards
Local USB port for local PC connection
64 BACnet objects of type binary output to represent individual output (relays) controlled
32 Output groups , represented by other objects BACnet of type binary output
Each group, is able to show analog value in order to indicate the options applied to a group
32 Schedule Objects with calendar options
2 Dry contact inputs
9.6k - 115.2k baud
Astronomic time clock, Sunrise Sunset Management
Automatic Daylight Saving Time Adjustment
Multiple Group Management (up to 32 groups)
Interoperable Functions: Time-On Extension, Warning, On Only, Off Only
Override Commands ON/OFF including (ON/OFF/Relinquish)

Profile(s)BACnet Application Specific Controller
BTL ListedJanuary 2013






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