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Snow Melting Control 680

The Snow Melting Control 680 is designed to operate electric or hydronic equipment to melt snow or ice
from any surface including driveways, walkways, business entrances, parking ramps, loading docks,
hospital entrances, helipads and car wash bays. The 680 communicates with Building Automation
Systems using BACnet® or Modbus® for alert notification, remote monitoring and adjustment capability. It
uses a tekmar Snow/Ice Sensor 090 or a Snow Sensor 095 to automatically detect snow or ice on the snow
melting slab. Up to two snow/ice sensors can be installed, thereby increasing detection area and
providing backup redundancy in the case of sensor failure. Upon detection of snow or ice, the 680
operates an electric heating cable, a single hydronic condensing or non-condensing boiler, or a steam
valve to provide heat to the snow melt load. The 680 provides boiler return protection by operating a
mixing valve or variable speed injection mixing. Monitoring of energy consumption is possible when it is
connected to an optional flow sensor. For more information go to href=

ProfileBACnet Application Specific Controller (B-ASC)
BTL ListedSeptember 2015






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