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Veris E51H2 DIN-Rail Energy Meter

The E51H2 Bi-directional Energy Meter provides a versatile Energy Measurement solution for applications
utilizing BACnet-based Building Automation Systems. Its bi-directional capability enables the monitoring
of energy flow in either direction to support alternative energy generation sources and loads with re-
generative braking, such as elevators. Accumulated totals are maintained of energy Received from the
utility/source, energy Delivered back to the utility/source, as well as Net energy transferred (the
difference). The E51H2 combines exceptional performance and easy installation to deliver a cost-
effective solution for power monitoring applications. Native serial communication via BACnet MS/TP
provides complete accessibility of all measurements to the Building Automation System. It can be easily
installed on standard DIN rail or contained in an optional NEMA 4 enclosure, as needed. The front-panel
LCD display makes device installation and setup easy and provides local access to the full set of detailed
measurements. A separate pulse input provides an easy way to incorporate a simple pulse-output flow
sensor to track gas, water, steam, or other form of energy in addition to full monitoring of electrical

ModelsE51H2 Energy Meter
ProfileBACnet Application Specific Controller (B-ASC)
BTL ListedDecember 2012






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