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The ZN551 is a general purpose building automation controller with programmable functionality, designed for controlling one temperature zone. BACnet objects are spawned within the device as a result of downloading graphical control programs. This controller offers 5 binary outputs (relay contact rated at 1A max @ 24 Vac), 5 universal inputs (configurable for dry contact or Type 2 thermistors -- 2 are also configurable for 0-5 Vdc), and 3 analog outputs (0-10 Vdc). The ZN551 is ideal for use in VAV, heat pump, unit ventilator, and other packaged zone HVAC applications.

Model(s)ZN341v+, ZN141v+, ZN220, ZN253, ZN551
Profile(s)BACnet Advanced Application Controller
BTL ListedMarch 2008






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