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Automated Logic ME Line

The ME-LGR is a general purpose building automation controller with programmable functionality, specifically
designed to run multiple control programs to control multiple equipments at the same time. The ME-LGR is
also a BACnet router, capable of supporting IP, Ethernet, (ARCNET or MS/TP), and PTP datalinks
simultaneously. The ME-LGR can also function as a gateway to other building automation protocols. The ME-
LGR can be configured to simultaneously function as a BACnet/Internet Protocol Packet-Assembler-
Disassembler according to Annex H.3. It also supports one PTP connection with dial-up modem support.

Model(s)ME812U, ME812U-E, ME812U-LGR, ME-LGR25, MELGR200
Profile(s)BACnet Building Controller
BTL ListedApril 2016






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