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GENESIS64 - Platform Services

ICONICS' GENESIS64™ Building Automation System Platform has achieved the highest level of BACnet
Compliance, the B-AWS profile. In addition to BACnet, the platform provides native support for OPC,
OPC-UA, SNMP, Modbus, Web Services, SQL and ODBC, and integrates all building systems including
HVAC, data centers, electric metering, cogeneration, lab systems, security systems and many more.

In addition to extensive Advanced Workstation capabilities, additional layered applications greatly expand
the operation and analysis capability now available to all BACnet-connected equipment.

Applications include:

GENESIS64™- Building Automation Software - The most advanced 64-bit building automation software,
with 3D and 2D visualization, multi-touch, gesture-enabled natural user interfaces, Web-enabled role-
based dashboards, trending, unlimited alarm and event views and much more.

Energy AnalytiX™ - Energy Management Software - Aggregates, organizes and normalizes resource
consumption and resulting costs and carbon emissions. Powerful analytics apply calculations utilizing
both meter data and data from other building, security and business systems to provide insight into
opportunities for improvement

Facility AnalytiX™ - Apply Fault Detection and Diagnostics to any building equipment that is BACnet-
connected. Continuously commission all equipment to assure constant operation at peak efficiency.

ProfileBACnet Advanced Operator Workstation (B-AWS)
BTL ListedJuly 2012






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