BTL Listing of Tested Products

Certificate of Conformance

What is a Certificate of Conformance?
A Certificate of Conformance is a formal document attesting to the fact that a product has been independently tested by a recognized test organization and has passed all BTL testing requirements. Certificates may be required as a part of project submittals in some regions of the world.

Does a Product Need a Certificate of Conformance?
No. All BTL Listed products have successfully completed testing at a recognized test organization according to the requirements of BTL whether they have a Certificate or not.

Why does this Product not have a Certificate of Conformance?
Products listed prior January 2017 may not have Certificates of Conformance if the regions of the world where they were typically sold did not require them. Also, a product may have an expired Certificate of Conformance that has been removed from this site.

Is a BTL Listed Product with a Certificate better than a BTL Listed Product without one?
No. The testing required for products with Certificates and without Certificates is the same.